Obbios Forex Consulting 

We provide a set of integrated services to help clients enter and expand in the global FX market.

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Our aim is to become a flexible ambitious and growth oriented business service organization. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with a fully integrated, personalized business and financing solutions. Precision is the cornerstone of our business. Precision in the way we communicate, precision in the contracts we make and precision in the way we meet our commitments. Integrity: We contact our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards and strictly guard the confidentiality of our clients’ personal and business information; Excellence: We are dedicated to the quest for excellence in the quality of the services we offer and the quality of relationships we maintain.

Business Management

Pay bills, prepare payroll, collect monies owed, and maintain all books and records Help establish key banking and financial relationships Interface with clients’ staff and personnel, and clients’ other professionals Structure business acquisitions and assist in business negotiations

Creation of Companies

Company registration Services of mail, tel., and fax Selecting personal and business accommodation Establishing the appropriate accounting system. Providing accounting and company secretarial services Assisting with personal and corporate tax planning and compliance.

Tax Planning

Preparation of tax returns. Tax planning Tax planning strategies and relevant tax research. Audit representation, including controversies involving income tax, sales Tax, payroll tax, business license tax, etc Estate and gift tax planning and return preparation

Accounting and Auditing

Consulting relating to operational and management issues Assisting in formulating and structuring employee benefits programs Consulting relating to the computer system, including needs analysis Installation, training and system monitoring.


Global Clients

Obbios works with leading banks, brokers, exchanges and solutions providers across the globe. All of these engagements from the largest to smallest, expand our industry network and depth of knowledge, which we bring to bear on current and new client assignments.

What is Forex? 

Forex, also known as foreign exchange is the largest decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. It is the most liquid market in the world, with trading volume exceeding trillions per day.

Puting you first

We our commitment to customer delight is anchored by our values of transparency, respect and timeliness. We aim to design and deliver flexible, innonative and reliable services with meet and exceed your expectation.

Keeping you informed

We provide forex tips, strategies and analysis from our team of experienced Obbios analysts. We help you study the markets, fundamentals and technical factors leading the price action.

We hold your hand

We provide you with continuous transparent and informative analysis of the financial markets. This elevates our clients' financial levels within manageable, well-calculated risks ensuring secure trading decisions.

Forex Trading Strategies
       Understanding the fundamentals of the largest global economies and their impact on the currency market is complicated. For this reason, FX Leaders has dedicated an entire section to teach you how to use fundamental analysis in your forex trading. You will learn trading methods based on fundamental analysis, helping you understand the connection between the real economy and forex trading. 
Carry Trade Strategy
Trading the News
How to Turn Volatility in Your Favor
Reading the Interest Rates


Fair Value – An Efficient way for Trading Currencies 
Trading the Market Sentiment
Tactical Hedging

Foreign exchange volatility can impact an organisation in many ways, from creating near term cash flow and earnings volatility, to influencing competitive position and strategic opportunities over longer time horizons.

Obbios, our methodology involves a careful quantitative and qualitative analysis of currency exposure, internal business considerations, objectives and constraints to facilitate the design and implementation of a robust risk management strategy.  This will often combine internal process changes in combination with a financial hedging programme, to maximize hedging effectiveness whilst minimizing hedging costs. 

Within the context of a structured hedging programme, we provide tailored and proactive currency market analysis to identify tactical hedging opportunities, and we work with clients to regularly calibrate hedging strategies to ensure continued alignment with changing business requirements and market conditions.  Our advisory service and interactive technology ensures that underlying FX risk and hedging activity is monitored and reported in an intuitive and actionable format.

Other Services

Forex Consulting
Strategic Consulting Services
Forex Consulting
Company Restructuring
Forex Consulting
Tax Planning
Forex Consulting
Creation of Companies
Forex Consulting
Business Plans
Forex Consulting
Feasibility Studies
We help chart a path to financial health.

Forex market get effected by Geopolitical factors, government & politics of nation, environmental changes etc.These changes are taken into consideration because forex trading is known as exchanging currencies of various countries with each other. We use highly advanced and effective tools to provide most accurate signals with high gains. Get advanced and effective signals for high profit with low risk in forex market.